Sleepless in Streatham

Well i’m entering my third successive day errr night of insomnia, what a bastard! I just really would like to go to sleep well not just this minute but you know at reasonable time. I’ed have thought that a symptom of depression would have no place keeping me out of bed, what a bugger and there isn’t even a world darts tournament on tv. Still it does afford me the opportunity to do a bit of a Johnny Kingdom around my neighbourhood and observe the crack fox at play in it’s native enviroment. I sat in the back yard last night and a wee mousey ran right round my foot, had a sniff and buggered off, Awww. Tonight i may construct a ‘close encounters of the third kind’ type array of bicycle lights and chromatically tweeked whoopie cushions, mosey on over to the common and enquire as to whether we are alone. note to self: A response of Blue flashing lights accompanied by a harsh tonal octave in cyclic repetition denotes the aliens to be hostile. Well i’ll see how i get on, now where’s me super glue?


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