Panic on the Streets of London

Who’ed have thought it but after over a year free from panic attacks i go and have one, out of the blue? Well no i don’t think so, all the indicators have been there that the old triptomatic hyper sensitivity may spring one on me. I’ve probably had a total of 5-6 hours sleep in a week and i suppose all the CBT in the world is going to have a job cutting through that mental chemical soup. I’m just watching the dawn over London, quite a grey sultry affair at the moment, even the dawn chorus sounds like a half arsed effort. I would shout out of the window for the birds to get their fucking act together, C’mon sing you bastards, lets be having you, but im stopping over at a freinds house tonight and i don’t think she’d appreciate vocal insanity issuing forth from her spare room window.


‘Black Square’ from a series, Andrey Chezhin. 1980

Anyway i think i’ll take the old Black Dog out for a walk and see if there’s any decent scavengings to be had from the neighbourhood skips

Panic on the streets of London. Panic on the streets of Birmingham, I wonder to my self. Will life ever be sane again?


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