Down With This Sort of Thing

In an unprecidented show of defiance the SWP STWC organised a ‘wall of sound’ to drown out Tony Blairs’ address at Westminster Abbey on 03.03.08. Thoughtful stewards from the STWC SWP ensured the safety of demonstrators by preventing any action actually taking place and directing them to a disused carpark in Stoke on Trent. However two well know ‘anarchist agitators’ managed to break through the cordon of stewards to mount thier own violent and excessive demonstration.

A swpard said last night, ‘This is precisely the kind of dangerous behaviour that may cause people to belive we are actually doing anything, we have passed on thier details to the police who we belive are already following up leads’

A spokesperson from the StWP appologised to Tony Blair for any inconvienience caused saying, ‘Sir, i salute your integrity and your indefatigability, do you by any chance have a spare tin of Whiskers?.’


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