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Desperately Seeking a Song

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on May 6, 2008 by anacarlo

I heard a song late late late one night on an obscure LW radio station, I belive it was called ‘Ay Cock A-Lorum.’ It was a tale about a young maid who goes to work for an old man who insists, in his contract of employment, that she refers to the things in his house by his own peculiar vocabulary. It was a kind of Ivor Cutler meets Stanley Unwin and set the foundations of Polari whilst Working the Steamer Route with Anthony Burgess.

Any way by a circuatous route of verses the maid wakes him one night to inform him that the cat has set the house on fire.

Last night i was haunted by snippets of this song and this morning a google has left me unavailed. Sooo I was wondering if amoungst my heafty average of four or five readers a day any one out there had more Gen on this Ditty. It would make a Gimmer Hoof with Joy!


Hay Hey Hey, First of May

Posted in Uncategorized on May 1, 2008 by anacarlo

Happy May Day everone…. All Power to the Workers, All Power to the Unemployed, All Power to the Pensioners, All Power to the Disenfranchised, All Power to my Local Shop, All Power to my Neighbours, All Power to my Freinds, Family and Lovers, All Power to the US!

And Bugger Off any one else!