back in town

The Good Soldier Svejk

Well it’s been a long walk back from the front, and what alot of snow, bugger me. Just read that, pensioners in Swansea have had to resort to buying books from charity shops to burn as kilo for kilo it’s cheeper than buying coal or putting on the central heating.

The rub is that the state issued cold weather allowance ammounts to fuck all if you’ve got to keep your bones thawed 24hrs, it’s paid in arrears and from experience pensioners are worried that what they spend on trying to keep warm and alive during this artic snap will result in them accruing bills larger than they can afford on the meagre state pension allowance including whatever it is decided will be added by the DWP to cover the cold spell. Now the benificent fucks in government feel that it is sufficient to issue free TV licenses to the over 75’s, maybe they think being bathed in cathoed rays will warm the old marrow, or perhaps every winter represents a cynical attempt to chip away at the ever descenting Grey Vote through covert euthenasia. We should all get behind our old folk and demand better, non-means tested pensions and free services. In the meantime check on your elderly neighbours make sure they’ve got some shopping in and Heat. Someones got to take care of the elderly and it certainly aint the fucking state.


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