The parasitic double act more usually known as Wills ‘n’ Harry have just had thier ignoble boats splashed on canvas down at the National Portrait Gallery. Now if it were that the artist, Nicky Phillips, had fleeced the sponging cunts for the cost of her labour i would say all well and good and don’t forget to add expenses. However its us that foot the bill for this self agrandising narcissism- the two princes apparently engaged in jolly banter –

Ben Luke, Critic in the facist freesheet ‘Bog Standard’ alludes the painting style to be akin to that of Velazquez or Van Dyck, where the fuck is he coming from, to be frank it looks more like something Stalin would have commisioned- Expect to see this bollocks on biscuit tins soon. Now i do recall peoples hero, Paul Kellerher, beheading Thatchers statue in the House of Commons back in 2002 bestowing an act of kindness on the artistic community in the process, theres a thought. Improvements can be made to the Dawb at the Contemporary Galleries in the National.
i can’t bring myself to link the shite so heres a picture of two cocks instead

Princes William & Harry


2 Responses to “Harriam”

  1. That was hilarious …thanks. We in Canada seem to have a fondness for the Harriam. Perhaps our sites are set a bit too high.

  2. Glad it gave you a titter, yep theres that wierd commonwealth connection unless i suppose you’re in the french provinces, don’t suppose Nicolas Sarkozy is a pin up over there?

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