Election Mobilisation, Special Edition



Let a thousand flowers bloom. Theres to be a second weekend of anarchist planning for action around the general election. This is not the same one as the Class War meeting on Jnuary 24th but is organised – as Alessio succinctly puts it ‘ by thepeople who had the balls to organise the G20 action’. Here’s the details – I fully support this initiative and will be attending with news of what was decided at the 24th meeting.We’ve got three months to organise together – let’s fucking go for it.

Please forward. Time is short.

As the G20 mobilisation brought upwards of 8,000-10,000 people onto the streets against the financial crisis, a broad coalition is shaping up aiming to vent alot of the frustrations and anger that exists at the “democratic process” of rubber stamping the rule of capitalism over our society. This invite is open to all who want to contribute or work with others in a expressing this dissent. Already there are talks of a Climate Camp intervention, Class War action, all the way to local community initiatives. As the tories await their next turn to whip the proles arses for the next 5 years, maybe its time to bring back a the notion that we are not just passive comsumers waiting for the next big bonanza sales but active agents in our lives with the anger and vitriol for a ruck against this dead system.

**Warning: Some people at this meeting you may not agree with, get over it!**

&nbs p;
You are cordially invited to attend..

An open-ended meeting, arranged so people can consider how a
coalition of groups and tendencies might mobilise together in 2010, for
a new society. It’s suggested this should be in the context of the
general election, and on the strategy for an effective, decentralised
movement in response, but the agenda is not fixed. All groups and
individuals committed to a world free of oppression, very welcome.
And please forward this invitation.

Meeting Dates: Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st January
Venue:  Downstairs at The Foundry, Old Street tube, 80 Great Eastern Street, London, EC2A 3JL‎
Time: 3-7pm (both days)


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