On-Line Cult of Virtual Penguins Ready to Take the World of Tomorrow

My Daughter has just joined an on-line cult of virtual penguins where she is undertaking Ninja training. It seems pretty inocuous stuff at first, you know, preform virtual tasks for virtual coins to buy virtual stuff (Oh so very like the parallel real world) but i have had a wander round the Penguin Republic late at night and have come across some pretty subversive activity, there seems to be a profusion of igloo allnighters, playing an ecclectic mix of trance/techno, drum and bass and funk, doing the rounds, the location and times passesd on clandestinely by penguins wandering randomly through the crowd, whispering PARTY AT MY IGLOO! and also i belive, what can only be described as, a spate of underground fish dealing. The style code for penguins is a case of ‘mix it up propper good’ with penguins adopting a style of dress the Dadaists would have reveared, indeed i met a penguin at a party who arrived wearing a deep sea divers helmet redolant of Salvidor Dali’s address  (Fantomes Paranoiaques Authentiques) to the opening of the 1936 London International Surrealist Exhibition at the Burlington Galleries

Now the World of Club Penguin is powered by those all time great peddlers of schmultz and neo-con values, Disney Corp, but its ace to see all these weens subverting the world that they can influence. ‘Viva la Penguinos!’

Oh if you want a go you can find it by goooglin Club Penguin. thats not an ad but hey having looked around t’internet seems its quite a rave fad or i’m well behind the times huh? So heres a screen shot someones pulled off

and why not, while i’m at it- ‘Getting down at the ‘Frag-A-Go Go’


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