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Grey Bloc Mobilise to Defend the Welfare State

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Just had a call from the Secretary of  NOAPAW asking me if i could organise a convergance space for the South Wales Militant Grey Bloc intending to join the Demo on 10th April Defend the Welfare State and Public Services

It’s hoped, that after ambling from the embankment to Trafalgar Square to listen to the same old same old from the unions ( Dave Prentis deserves a bottling- for bottling it when we were all for coming out with GMB over pay.. no no no… that would have caused too much inconvienience to the govt’ huh),  maybe we’ll take in a show.  Les Mis would be just the ticket.

Any how, musn’t grumble, i’m looking forward to my flat being turned into a hotbed of over 65’s Militancy for the weekend. I think we need to put the zimmer posse at the front, sort of an armourd vanguard for when the pigs wade in, you musn’t forget many of NOAPAW’s membership were on the front line during thatchers battle with the Steel Workers and Miners 26 odd years ago. I think Y Ddraig Du will be given an ironing for a day out.

As the rally’s to be in Trafalgar Sq for a bleeding change, we can nip off for a bit of shopping afterwards instead of slogging back all the bloody way from Hyde Park.

Defend the Welfare State & Public Services.

Saturday, April 10th

Assemble 12pm for 1pm kick off. Temple Place, Embankment

(look for the gap in the swp banners or the Black Dragon if you want to say hello)

Saunter to Trafalgar Square for 2pm rally with tea and biscuits.


Classwar, The Musical

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It appears that classwar is making an impassioned call out, requesting folk to rock up for a Poll Tax riot reunion.

Classwar, the Musical

Could it be that the venerable Classwar Federation are restyling themselves as some sort of ‘Sealed Knot’ re-enactment society, the bearded wonder that meets up to refight old Civil War numbers, Ah back in the day, the nostalgia brings a tear to my eye , etc.

I shouldn’t knock em really, this could go on to great things. Properly choreographed  there is every possibility that the Poll Tax Riot Reunion will become a box office smash hit with scenes reminiscent of the ‘Battle of the Terraces Ballet’ in Billy Elliot mashed up with ‘Chim-Chimeny’ from Mary Poppins. They just need to get Webber and Elton on board to score it and they’re away. My moneys on Su-Bo being cast as Thatcher.

I’ll be going anyway, it promises to be a right hoot and I need some cheering up. Hey why not come down too, bring the family and a packed lunch.

The 4th Plinth, J.Caulty