Classwar, The Musical

It appears that classwar is making an impassioned call out, requesting folk to rock up for a Poll Tax riot reunion.

Classwar, the Musical

Could it be that the venerable Classwar Federation are restyling themselves as some sort of ‘Sealed Knot’ re-enactment society, the bearded wonder that meets up to refight old Civil War numbers, Ah back in the day, the nostalgia brings a tear to my eye , etc.

I shouldn’t knock em really, this could go on to great things. Properly choreographed  there is every possibility that the Poll Tax Riot Reunion will become a box office smash hit with scenes reminiscent of the ‘Battle of the Terraces Ballet’ in Billy Elliot mashed up with ‘Chim-Chimeny’ from Mary Poppins. They just need to get Webber and Elton on board to score it and they’re away. My moneys on Su-Bo being cast as Thatcher.

I’ll be going anyway, it promises to be a right hoot and I need some cheering up. Hey why not come down too, bring the family and a packed lunch.

The 4th Plinth, J.Caulty


3 Responses to “Classwar, The Musical”

  1. What Tyler Says:

    you’re not even funny just a piss take cunt who can’t do any thing positive just put what people try to do down all the tme, why not do something to challenge the bastards in power instead.

  2. ana carlo Says:

    No Whatty, it is funny.

    Q. Why don’t anarchists have a sense of humour?

    A. There is nothing more natural than to consider everything as starting from oneself, chosen as the center of the world; one finds oneself thus capable of condemning the world without even wanting to hear its deceitful chatter.
    Guy Debord

  3. anacarlo Says:

    Well got the 4th plinth by J.Caulty image back, Kopyright Liberation Front in effect. hoorah

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