I Was a Teenage Nihilist and achieved absolutely something

Reflecting on my personal success at achieving zero, I realise it has been a long hard struggle. Sacrifices were made on the journey to complete dissolution. I failed and couldn’t help but to create on the journey and such is my failure.

I have a beautiful daughter, thankfully she belongs to herself (as I last heard from her mum, 1yr ago) and maybe I will see her one day. And here’s an odd one, I once worked in gov’t and brought about a process  by which asylum seekers in the UK found more equitable and anonymous ability to subsist. There is also a trail of paintings and writings that i have discarded across the globe. Perhaps most importantly, though is. My being with people (the names have been changed to protect the innocent) some of whom i have loved very dearly, my presence altering their lives in positive ways.

I have fucking failed as a Nihilist.

It was never my intention,

and I realise now that I should have joined the Conservative Party   


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