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Classwar, The Musical

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , on February 6, 2010 by anacarlo

It appears that classwar is making an impassioned call out, requesting folk to rock up for a Poll Tax riot reunion.

Classwar, the Musical

Could it be that the venerable Classwar Federation are restyling themselves as some sort of ‘Sealed Knot’ re-enactment society, the bearded wonder that meets up to refight old Civil War numbers, Ah back in the day, the nostalgia brings a tear to my eye , etc.

I shouldn’t knock em really, this could go on to great things. Properly choreographed ┬áthere is every possibility that the Poll Tax Riot Reunion will become a box office smash hit with scenes reminiscent of the ‘Battle of the Terraces Ballet’ in Billy Elliot mashed up with ‘Chim-Chimeny’ from Mary Poppins. They just need to get Webber and Elton on board to score it and they’re away. My moneys on Su-Bo being cast as Thatcher.

I’ll be going anyway, it promises to be a right hoot and I need some cheering up. Hey why not come down too, bring the family and a packed lunch.

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